Is he dead?

What was supposed to be a low-key, relaxed New Year’s Eve with a friend in Medellín, ended with us frantically looking for emergency numbers. What had happened?

It all started out as a very quiet evening…

Well, it all DID start very uneventfully: We were at our friend’s house, just talking, listening to music, hanging out with his roommates and enjoying the last night of the year. Around 10 or 11 PM we decided to go and sit outside (gotta love the city of eternal spring). We ran into more people we knew, and it was all in all a very normal evening out in Medellín. If you’ve ever been out in Medellín, you’ll know what I mean by “normal”, if you haven’t .. well, it usually includes one or two slightly … whatchamacallit … “unusual” people. So far, so chill.

Until it got a bit weird …

Until our friend decided to go back inside. Around 11.45 PM he was still not back, so I went to check on him to make sure he wouldn’t miss the turn of the year. He was in his room, saying that he felt pretty tired and would probably fall asleep five minutes after midnight, but that I should go right ahead, he would be right out. He never made it.

Until it got REALLY weird …

Around 12.30 AM we figured we better get back inside, since he was tired, we didn’t want to keep him up to long, plus we had a long distance bus to catch the next day. When we all (including the roommates) went back inside, our friend was sound asleep in his room. Or so we thought. We could see him lying on his bed from the patio next to his room. Unfortunately, he had locked his door, and my purse (with our tickets and the house keys) and Samuel’s guitar were still in his room. We were peeking in through the bars in front of his window, calling out his name. Nothing. We started knocking on his door. Nothing. We started making an incredible amount of noise. Nothing. Samuel started poking him with a broom stick. Still nothing. He had not moved one inch or reacted in any way. That’s when we panicked.

Was he dead? Passed out? Hurt? Should we call his mother or the ambulance? Break in the door? We decided to call another roommate first, who reassured us, this was very normal. Apparently, this friend has severe insomnia, but when he does go to sleep, absolutely nothing can wake him up. We weighed our options: Should we just go home and home that our roommate would hear us and let us back in? But then we’d have to come back the next day before our bus left to pick up all of our stuff … Should we spend the night here on a really uncomfortable looking living room couch? Finally, I had one of, what I like to call, my German moments. Meaning: If there’s a problem, there’s gotta be a solution. And there it was, right in front of me: two broken broomsticks and my purse dangling from our friends’ closet door.


What a start into 2016

We found a piece of rope, tied the sticks together and I somehow managed to get the purse from the closet door on the sticks, and slide it through the bars. This master piece of engineering had worked – my dad (and master of what I call Romanian improvisation talent) would be so proud of me!

What a start into the new year!

P.S. Our friend did wake up the next morning, he was completely fine, (although with absolutely no recollection of us trying to wake him up for 2 hours) and even brought over Samuel’s guitar.

P.P.S. I hope you had a smoother start into 2016: HAPPY NEW YEAR Y’ALL!


4 thoughts on “Is he dead?

  1. .:. serious virus new years day .:. off to compudador shop monday .:. is he barracaded in hotel by columbus swat team? yes .:. he fit a description but got away .:. he got away .:. izzy got away .:.

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