Of Burning Skies and Keeping Promises

I realize that it’s not very useful to write about Monday Resolutions without following through on them. Which is why, after Labor Day’s less than glorious attempt to see the fireworks, I was adamant about not missing the next opportunity to see fireworks. This opportunity came with Fire up the Night at Coney Island in Cincinnati.

I had marked it weeeeks in advance on my calendar. The day of the fireworks, I scooped out the parking situation, which meant: I found a free spot close to the event where we didn’t have to pay $ 30 for parking and entry. I had lawn chairs and blankets ready (unlike the time we went to Lumenocity in Cincinnati and got yelled at, and almost kicked out because we seemed to be the only ones without friggin lawn chairs!), and  I even left a baby shower early – just to make it to the fireworks. Because these weren’t going to be your ordinary, run-of-the-mill fireworks. This was going to be a firework competition. First, three different countries were to fire up the sky AND as a grand finale Cincinnati’s own pyromanics firework company was to show everybody that they were the real kings of the fireworks.

I for one, was happier than a two peckered puppy to watch not only one, but four amazing shows. This is why it’s worth carrying out your resolutions!








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