Resolution Monday: Get the Date Right

This Monday’s resolution is pretty straight forward: Get the date right!

It took me a full three days after last week’s resolution Monday post, until I realized: I posted it on a Tuesday. It was after the Labor Day weekend, so it did feel like a Monday, but let’s face it, I am just terrible with dates. I must be one of the worst people for remembering dates. Birthdays, anniversaries, Labor Day fireworks – you name them, and I have forgotten about them. One time, about 12 years ago, I even forgot my mom’s birthday, and I am pretty sure she is still mad at me. On the bright side, even if I manage to remember them, I will never be angry at a boyfriend for forgetting our anniversary or Valentine’s day, and I’ll never get mad if you wish me a ‘happy birthday’ nine months later.

For practical purposes though, such as getting my life together, for one, I will dedicate this Monday’s resolution to paying more attention to times and dates. So before posting today I checked my calendar, then I checked on my computer, and then again on my phone – just to make sure that today really is Monday. Given that I have managed to write this resolution Monday post on a Monday, I think I am doing a pretty good job so far.

Happy resolution Monday, everyone!

So what about you, what is your Monday resolution this week?


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