Resolution Monday: Don’t Miss any Fireworks

A resolution is defined as a firm decision to do or not to do something. To me, a resolution is something you make on New Year’s Eve and forget about two days later. At least, that’s how it works for me. Which is why I have come up with this (admittedly) brilliant idea to start each week with a resolution that I will try to live up to for the next seven days, or ideally even longer.
Okay, okay, and some part of me still thinks there might be some claim to fame, as I could create a new hashtag trend, that might take off just like #throwbackthursday.
Obviously, this is my very first #resolutionmonday, so I am still greatly excited about my undeniably fabulous concept and truly believe that I will be able to stick to my resolutions. I might prove myself wrong in a couple of weeks, but until then: let’s begin!

Don’t miss any fireworks

This is the big lesson that I take away from last weekend’s pitiful attempt to catch the Labor Day fireworks. Truth be told, I am a sucker for fireworks, which is why my resolution for this week is: Find all the firework events in the next week, mark them on your calendar, and make sure to get there on time. (Another resolution would be to stop taking blurry pictures of fireworks, but let’s face it, I am a terrible photographer, so there is not a lot of hope there). So I searched and researched, looked and found this wonderful Cincinnati firework spectacle called Fire up the Night. Alright, what really happened was that (probably after seeing my disappointed look after the fireworks), Samuel’s mom was sweet enough to go online and find this wonderful event FOR ME. Mental note for a future resolution Monday: Don’t let others do the work for you! Either way, I am excited! This event promises a firework competition between Brazil, Australia and England.

This picture was OBVIOUSLY not taken by me, but borrowed from the
This picture was OBVIOUSLY not taken by me, but borrowed from the “Fire up the Night” website

Attendees can then vote for their favorite country by text (I have already decided that if Brazil plays Samba while displaying their fireworks, they’ll get my vote). People, this will be about 1.5 hours of fireworks, and therefore something I definitely won’t miss! Keeping in mind this week’s Monday resolution, I marked the date, re-arranged travel plans to make sure I’ll be in town, and gotten everybody’s promise that they will go with me. In other words: #resolutionmonday mission completed.

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