The Deal With the Jeans

Once upon a time, my boyfriend traveled to Colombia with his best friend. They met a magician with a good heart and, bewitched by his charm, ended up staying in Medellín for a loooong time. One day, their magician friend came to them with a business idea: He had “found” thousands of jeans, which he wanted to take to the coast to sell for a lot of money, and they would all be rich. All he needed was some money to buy all the jeans. The best friend thought it was a great investment and helped him to buy all the jeans. He spent all of his savings on it, and they all went to the coast together. While my boyfriend had to guard the merchandise in a hot, stuffy hotel room with no food and no fan, the best friend had to leave with the magician every day with a giant backpack full of jeans on his back, trying to sell the jeans. After many hot and unsuccessful days, they finally managed to scrap together enough money to return to Medellín, exhausted and completely broke.


So imagine my expression, when, many years later, back in Medellín, one day, my boyfriend says: “I have helped out the magician with a business idea. He “found” a bunch of jeans that he will sell for a lot of money. I payed for the jeans, but he promised he’ll double my investment.” Some people learn from their mistakes, my boyfriend clearly still believes in magic. I just raised my eyebrows and asked how much he actually invested. “About 40 dollars,” he said, “and he also promised to get you a pair of jeans, too!” Thank God! We wouldn’t be stuck without money in Colombia! Needless to say, that about one week after the business deal, tragedy struck the magician friend. He got kicked out of his apartment and had to start to sell jeans for bus tickets, food and a hotel room. The weeks went by, the jeans were sold, but my boyfriend never saw any money, and I never saw the promised jeans. BUT, the magician must have felt guilty, as each time he met up with my boyfriend, he came back with a little gift for me and the promise that the jeans would still be delivered. 

On our last day in Medellín my boyfriend met up one last time with the magician: He sent many apologies and more gifts.

And the moral of the story is: Only give money to magicians if you want them to turn $ 40 into a pair of sunglasses, a backpack, a wallet and 3 shirts.


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