Suspicious Sprouts

If you are not completely grossed out by my rat saga yet, let me give you another gory story. I am sure, this is just what you need on a Sunday morning while eating breakfast.

The other day, Samuel went out to get some Chinese food. While this normally would only lead to watching House of Cards, this particular Chinese food freaked Sam out. Most of the times, I ignore his complaints about food. He is probably the pickiest person I have ever met. If there is a funny spot on a tomato, he won’t eat it. If something even hints at the resemblance of mold, he throws away the entire package and spends the next hour checking every food item in the fridge for mold. So when he told me: “There’s something weird about those been sprouts.”, I ignored him. “I am sure your sprouts are fiiiiiine!” “No, they are not! Look at them! They are blue!!!”

IMG_6361 IMG_6362 IMG_6367

Blue sprouts? Instantly, I remembered a YouTube video we watched on strange food in China. One of the many stories of the video involved a woman who left the food out over night and found it glowing neon-blue in the dark. He had my full attention. We started inspecting the sprouts, and there was no doubt about it, they were blue! “Maybe it’s just a different type of sprouts they use here in Colombia?”, I volunteered. Obviously, this wasn’t a very convincing argument. Since neither of us wanted to eat the food any more, we did what anybody would do in that situation, we looked it up online. And were shocked. There was nothing, I mean ABSOLUTELY NOTHING on blue bean sprouts on the internet. No pictures, no blogs, no videos, absolutely nothing. We looked for it in three languages and still: no results. Seriously, when was the last time you googled something and turned up with zero results??? We panicked, grabbed the food and threw it out – a perfectly reasonable reaction in that situation. For all we knew, it could be poisonous or at the very least rotten stomach ache material. To sum it up in four words: worst Chinese dinner ever (even worse than the “vegetarian” tofu dipped in gravy I ate at a Chinese restaurant in Antwerp)!

We never found out if blue bean sprouts are normal or why and how sprouts can turn blue. So if any of you guys out there know ANYTHING at all about blue bean sprouts, please let me know!!!

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