Invasion of the Killer Rats – Part II

Since the RATS decided to invade our home, our house has become a rat war zone. Plans were made to buy the most vicious rat traps the world has seen. We have taken over the RATS’ favorite spots and re-claimed our territory. I have read so many “how to trap a rat” tutorials and rat blogs that I started having dreams about killing RATS every night. (As much as I appreciate their advice, rat blogs??? Really???). We have put together a deadly strategy, and at the slightest suspicious sound or movement we are all prepared to kill. However, the RATS have disappeared. All they left behind is the indescribably horrific smell of their … well … their urine … that no incense, no matter how strong, is able to disguise. I am not sure if they are hiding out, re-considering their attack or just moved on to the neighbor’s house. But I am not quite ready to believe that they have retreated. RATS don’t just give up like that. They are slick, vicious creatures that will bide their time (or literally bite something with their killer rodent teeth). And just when you’re lulled into a false sense of security, they strike again. So just in case they are still hiding out there, we invited a friend … and his cat!

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