Rising up to the soda challenge: How I discovered my new favorite soda in Canada

Since I left Germany 3 years ago, I have been on a strict drinking diet of water, coffee, self-made juice and beer. Anything else, especially the fluorescent-colored sodas in South America, was disqualified because it was a) waaaaay too sweet and/or b) waaaaaay too chemical. In the US the sodas changed colors and names but the taste was still the same: bubblegumsweeeeet. It took a trip to Canada to convince me that there really is a soda on this continent that I actually LIKE. A German friend, who had been drinking water and home-made Apfelschorle for the past 4 years, introduced me to my personal soda revelation of the decade: RISE Kombucha. Yes, it is made out of kombucha and yes, I also know the System of a Down song “Kombucha Mushroom People” (by the way, kombucha is not a mushroom, it is actually a living bacterial culture) and yes, I still think it’s delicious! If you know anything about kombucha, or ever tried it, you’d remember that the taste has nothing to do with delicious but drinking it is more means to an end: getting energy and/or getting drunk. RISE Kombucha however is non-alcoholic, mixed with tea, and actually qualifies as soda, or – in my words – it’s a sparkly, not too sweet (thank you!), refreshing, and tasty drink. And I know, it’s not just me who feels that way about it, fellow blogger Leanne Vogel (just to name one) tried it out for 30 days – and it changed her life! I am not sure if I’d go that far but it’s another point on my list of great things about Canada and I’ll be sure to drink as much Kombucha as I can while still in Canada!


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